Principal's Message

Ms. Sumitra Sahrawat


Principal’s Message

“’Give me that block of marble; I can see an angel in it, waiting to be released…’ ”

A great deal of time and effort is devoted by you in identifying the best school for your child. Your choice determines where he would spend the larger portion of his future weekdays, learn academic and social skills, develop hobbies and interests and form lifelong friendships.

At the time of joining school, the child seeks none of the above. He only wants a warm and caring environment. This is where SVP makes a major difference. We like to see the child develop naturally, so we invite you to form a partnership with us in educating and nurturing your child with as much care and attention as you would. The academic and extracurricular environment has been carefully structured accordingly. Our school ensures an understanding of latest technological developments in an ambience of self motivation and self discipline.

Children learn to ‘talk’ even before they learn to ‘speak’. We, as elders, play a vital role in making their self-talk positive and realistic by cultivating their natural confidence, courage and sense of well-being through words of affirmation, which have a therapeutic and transformational effect on their holistic growth and development.