Chairman's Message

Mr. Sunder Singh Sahrawat


Chairman’s Message

My efforts in creating outstanding professionals in all fields are something unique. At Sheetla Vidya peeth we have the unique combination of a modern school with traditional Indian values. Our children represent our hopes and dreams. They are like cement; whatever falls on them makes an impression. The young minds tended with care and given right direction and education can achieve wonders and prove to be valuable assets to the society. SVP aims at providing an environment where mind, body, soul and spirit are nourished and nurtured by helping each child to blossom into a new beautiful flower. SVP aspire for its students to cultivate a life-long passion for learning and will step into a world which would be shaped by their dreams and contributions, and bettered by their zeal and integrity.

As a good and responsible parent, you are already providing food, clothes, shelter, education, facilities for entertainment, holiday recreation etc, to your ward. All these make your ward a content and happy child. But to make all this meaningful and your ward’s future constructively and permanently secure, you also have to understand the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of your child and help him/ her to increase his/ her self confidence and self esteem. Like the farmer who prepares the field for the young plant, the parent must prepare a conducive atmosphere at home for the child’s academic pursuit. Healthy bonding with each member of your family is as the important as bonding with your ward. Any ill-feelings within the family, even if it is not directed towards your ward, can cause serious negative reactions in your ward and affect the academic performance. A Child who is happy at home will undoubtedly be happy in school and therefore enjoy his / her learning and perform well. On the other hand, a child from an unfriendly/ disturbed home, is a disturbed student whose process of learning becomes a struggle and often a failure.

We may not be able to prepare the future of our children, but we can atleast prepare our children for the future

Your Time

A parent’s schedule has to provide a slot to cater to the ward’s requirements. The requirement may vary from a pleasant pastime with ’Mom and Dad’ to a more serious need of sharing with you a fear, an unhappy situation, a doubt or a problem. Do not discourage your ward from opening up to you. Many adolescents who have crossed that difficult period without tension and fear of examination have excelled in life as their parents always “listened”.

Your Involvement

Be involved in your child’s activities. Get to know how your ward spends his / her time and be familiar with all his / her activities. Update yourself regularly with his / her progress in the classroom, performance in the examination, peer group in the school and social activities in the neighborhood. This is possible only if you maintain a friendly relationship with your ward who will repose his / her confidence and trust in you. A caring parent is the best friend a child can have whereas an uncaring parent is the worst enemy. Incase your child is sick please do not send him/her to school until the ailment is completely cured.

Your responsibility towards the school

Your ward needs your attention in several matters relating to the school schedule and activities. You could ensure trouble free days for him / her in school by your attention in the following areas:

  • In going to school and returning home on time.
  • In ensuring completion of the home assignments and adequate preparation for the examinations.
  • In monitoring the day’s revision work and signing home assignment.
  • In maintaining the academic performance folder, which contains the Formative and Summative testimonials.
  • In carefully scrutinizing the answer scripts; signing the same and returning it to the class teacher within two days.